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2020 Kickoff

Open Enrollment
NOW through January 25th
Saturday, February 1st at 11:00 am 
selected applicants will receive an invite 
2020 Winter Class
Bridging the Gap Flyer.JPG
Saturday, February 8th - Saturday, May 30th
2020 Summer Class
Saturday, August 8th - Saturday, November 28th

Contact us via e-mail ( on how to participate in the mentoring program.

2020 Winter Class Missing Piece.png

Mentoring Program

We mentor our youth by identifying and exploring career opportunities. As well as preparing them to become independent and effective change agents in our community when they step out on their own after high school graduation.

Program Eligibility: Lovejoy School students ages 13 to 19 years of age are eligible for the mentoring program

Future Vision

It is our long-term goal to copywrite our program and assist other cities to implement an Elevate Mentoring Program for their city using the templates we’ve created.

Internship Opportunites

Graduates of the mentoring program are hired as interns to assist with the new class of participants.  This will give them a sense of employment, responsibility and empowerment at the same time.  They will share in helping other while developing work ethics and gaining valuable work force experience in meeting if not exceeding expectations.

Scholarship Opportunities

Stay Motivated

"10 Rules For Success"

"Set Your Mind To Win"

We assist our program participants in raising funds for continuing their education after high school.  This is accomplished through fund raising and donation activities. Please contact us via email if you would like to make a donation to the Elevate Lovejoy Scholarship Grant.

Mission Trips 

with the graduates

Offering our graduates the experience of distant travel and seeing how other communities live and experience education.  The experience will foster an appreciation for their opportunities and education.  It will also give them a stronger drive to become advocates/change agents in their own communities.

In 2019, Elevate Lovejoy traveled to Puerto Rico with 12 graduates on their first mission trip help on June 26th - June 30th. 

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